Learn Photography, Video, Animation, Digital Audio,
Motion Graphics, Creative Coding and More
Now Broadcasting from our REMOTE workshop via ZOOM!

Mining Pixels Since 2015

We’re still mining pixels. Now broadcasting remotely from our virtual workshop.   We offer artists of all ages individual and small group lessons, as well as one-day and multi-day workshops.

Digital Arts Education for All Ages

Learn to make art with computers.  Join us at the workshop Remotely via Zoom for a wide range of programs for digital artists of all ages – including tutorials, small group lessons and individual instruction.  Our approach integrates skills development using industry leading graphic arts, animation video editing and motion graphics software.

Let us design a remote digital arts experience for the content creators in your life.

Summer Camp

A STEAM-based Program for Creative Kids 9+

Our 2020 Summer Camp program is being reinvented as a build-your-own remote digital arts education learning experience.  We will create customized art camps for individuals and small groups at your convenience, based on availability.  Book a couple hours, days or weeks for whatever size group you envision, and we will design an interactive art experience guaranteed to stimulate young imaginations.  Space (time) is available on a first come basis.

Private & Small Group Lessons

At SDAW we understand that everyone has unique learning requirements as well as a demanding schedule.  To meet the needs of all our students, we offer private lessons as well as small group training scheduled at your convenience.

Book a lesson today, and our instructors will work with you to outline a customized lesson plan designed specifically to meet your creative needs?

Training Room & Workstation Rentals

Our digital arts classroom and individual workstations are available for rent when not in use for workshops. The workshop is loaded with an HD theater system, fully equipped 27″ iMac 5K workstations and a fast wireless network. We offer discounted rates to arts and non-profit organizations.

Design Services & Digital Strategy

Does your small business need a new website, multimedia digital content, creative solutions and/or help with digital marketing strategy? At SDAW, our particular set of skills are available for hire. With extensive professional design and ad-agency experience, our talented staff can do as well as teach.

The Saugatuck Digital Arts Gallery

Now showing in our Gallery
Timeless: A Series of Italian Street Photography — by Sydney Sheehan.

Old and New: The Photography of Burton Stuttman





The power or process of transforming something common into something special.

Potters master the wheel and clay; painters master pigments and brushwork; sculptors manipulate rock with hammers and chisels. Digital artists – which in 2016 include potters, painters and sculptors – are empowered by using and mastering software. At Saugatuck Digital Arts we believe that creative alchemy occurs at the intersection of craftsmanship and inspiration and that belief underpins our operating philosophy.

A Multi-Use Digital Arts Workshop

The Saugatuck Digital Arts Workshop provides artists, creative professionals and students of all ages access to a digital arts studio equipped with an immensely powerful toolbox of digital arts software — tools that are easy-to-learn, and accessible to anyone with experience using a computer or a smart device.

  • A welcoming, fully equipped digital arts studio space.
  • Workshops and lessons for all levels of experience including students, artists as well as aspiring and working creative professionals.
  • Powerful 27″ iMac workstations loaded with leading content creation software.


Mike Stuttman
Founder and Managing Director

An animator and digital arts evangelist, Mike is the Founder and Managing Director of the Saugatuck Digital Arts Workshop, LLC. Reared on developer, stop bath, fixer and grains of silver on film — with degrees in mathematics and computer art, and with over 20 years’ of advertising agency experience, he has been an enthusiastic participant in a content creation revolution that has irrevocably transformed the worlds of business and art.

Creativity, technology and education have been at the core of Mike’s personal and professional interests. He is a lifelong student – and an informed consumer of – technical arts education: He studied photography and animation at Rochester Institute of Technology; Videography at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; Mathematics and film making at the University of Colorado in Boulder (BFA); and Computer Art and Animation at the School of Visual Arts in New York (MFA). He has brought the best aspects of those experiences into his education philosophy for the Saugatuck Digital Arts Workshop – which is to teach the craft behind digital art making.